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oyatha alaigal

5 year CeaseFire agreement between LTTE(Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam ) and Srilankan government coming to a end on jan 16th signals the start the (what could be the) final battle between them . even before the jan 16th ,the undeclared war was on both fronts.Tamilselvan ,Head of political wing of LTTE killed in an airstrike in less than a month ago showed that srilankan government headed by rajapakse not willing for any political solution and made up his mind for a military solution and full-fledged war. Tamilselvan participated in peace negotations with srilankan government and he was the political voice of LTTE after the demise of anton balasingam. with the killing of tamilselvan and col charles , head of military intelligence within a time gap of a month, the srilankan government showcased that it has infiltrated into the ealem and it has gaining constant ground info and where abouts of TOP ltte leaders . with srilankan army advancing regularly, it is more likely LTTE chief prabakaran is getting ready for the big battle something like oyatha alaigal which he executed in 1996 and gained substaintial grounds from srilankan army.

LTTE ,which is the only terroist outfit to boost a capabity of air-strike and navy power now is largely supported by INDIAN governments both state and central during the 80’s till the execution of rajiv gandhi in 1991. during the early 80’s large number of LTTE cadres were trained by indian army . even politically there has been wide spread support for ltte and substantial substance aid were given during that time.. even , the late anton balasigam has told in the interview that LTTE chief prabakaran meet MGR in 1984(then CM of TN) and thanked for the help provided by tamil nadu people. but relation between LTTE and indian government with IPKF(indian peace keeping force) visiting the srilanka . the incidents happened there played spoilspot major impact on all parties involved and INDIAN government withdrew IPKF. LTTE then assainated rajiv gandhi for that, from there INDIA started as the silent spectator of events happening there..

the tamil people of ealem have suffered a lot and spent sleep less days/night there in battlegrounds and others were in other countries like refugee.. so what all tamil people want is, a political solution to this issue which would give the tamils of ealem a peaceful an prosperous living..


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